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A memorable Graduation at Triple Care Farm

By December 17, 2018May 20th, 2021No Comments

On the 13th of December, we celebrated an important milestone in the lives of young people at Triple Care Farm.

The Southern Highlands’ fog welcomed guests as they made their way up Jamberoo Mountain to Mission Australia’s youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Triple Care Farm.

It was a wonderful sight to see so many loved ones gathered around to cheer on their son/daughter/grandchild/brother/sister/friend as they graduated from this life-changing program.

Each student had their moment to accept their Graduation Certificate handed out by Lady Martin. A few young people were awarded a Sir David Martin Foundation Scholarship to support them as they pursue further education and employment.

A couple of young people performed heartfelt music pieces they had been working on during rehab.

Not to mention the speeches, which were incredibly moving. Two mothers spoke about how the farm has transformed their daughters. One of the students bravely stood up to talk about her experiences at the farm and said, “Your support changes lives.”

With the new Triple Care Farm Withdrawal Program in place, double the amount of young people were supported back to health this past year. Thank you for your commitment to making the vision of a youth detox facility, a reality.

Because of the generosity of the community, youth in crisis are provided the care and love they need to turn their lives around. It is the kind of care and love that achieves long-term change. That is something to celebrate!

“My esteem is heightened, my confidence is bursting and my overall outlook of myself and the future is one of excitement and happiness. I also see the importance of making positive contributions towards my physical and psychological self, those around me, and the society I live in…in retrospect, my decision to admit myself here, and follow through on inhabiting the farm for three months has been the most difficult challenge I have completed, and as a by-product, the most rewarding.” – Graduate 2018