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Four young people sitting outside at Triple Care Farm and smiling behind a heading reading 'testimonials'

These quotes are from the young people who have taken part in the programs at Triple Care Farm, as well as their family members.
quotes have been de-identified to protect the privacy of the young people who take part in our programs.

Young people

“It was like a circuit breaker for me, it felt really good that I was clean for those three months.”

young woman smiling

“Going to the farm was the best thing I have ever done in my life. It taught me how to live again.”

  • “The tools that you learn while you are there are really helpful, you don’t lose those, like relapse prevention, and how to build healthy relationships.”
  • “You go back home and open your eyes; I got rid of the toxic people in my life.”
  • “I got off all the drugs, and have been off them ever since – I relapsed once two years afterwards but it wasn’t big a deal. I had the support there to help me that time.”
  • “After leaving my self-esteem was higher so I made new friends, I didn’t only feel comfortable hanging around drop-kicks.”
  • “I’ve got a wallet that isn’t empty anymore! – I’m much better at managing my finances now.”
  • “The foundation of my relationship with my family was laid while I was there. It was great that I could call them or they could call me and that they could come and visit. My dad and I now get along the best we ever have. I can also assert myself better around my mum, I have tools now not to blow up at her.”
  • “Ever since I left last time I’ve had a job. Everything there really helped me, the skills stuff, being organized and having more confidence talking to people. I have worked as a manager in retail for two years while studying part time.”
  • “The aftercare program was astonishing – he was there when I really needed him. I stayed clean because of the support it gave me.”
  • “It gave me some stability while I was there – it was a safe place, it kept me off the streets and out of trouble.”
  • “Not drinking while I was there was really important, it was a big wakeup call.”
  • “I am heaps healthier. When I was taking drugs, I was underweight. I worked out every single day I was up there. It gave me something to look forward to.”
  • “The experience strengthens you. When I left I was feeling stronger in myself – it was really rewarding.”
  • “I felt like I was surrounded by people who were caring, that you were in a caring place. There was a sense of kindness, that people wanted to help you.”
  • “It taught me to clean, cook and look after myself.”
  • “When I finished the program my mum let me come back to her place. After that I was able to find my own accommodation.”
  • “I saved enough money to be able to travel for the first time. I would like to say that I’ve always been good at budgeting – I wouldn’t have had the skills before not to spend it on stuff that was bad for me.”
  • “Triple Care Farm kickstarted me into education. While I was there I did my forklift license, which gave me the belief and confidence that I could do it. It set me up to enroll in Tafe and work part time as well.”
  • “After Triple Care Farm I decided I was going to go and do something with my life. At the time I was just bumming around; after leaving I found a new place to live, enrolled in a course and am now at university.”
  • “Before I went to Triple Care Farm I had spent time in a mental hospital and in an emergency room after I ended up with a concussion after falling over while I was drunk. I haven’t been to a hospital for reasons like that since I left the program.”
  • “It was all the staff, not just formal parts of the program which made it great. All of the staff were always there and available to talk to you – you didn’t have to make an appointment if you wanted to talk. It helped me to open up.”

Family members

mother and son smiling together
  • “It used to be hell when he lived here. I used to fear coming home and things got worse and worse and worse. The farm gave him a chance and us three months of respite.”
  • “It has had a huge impact on our family. We have a relationship with her now, and we can also see when things are not going so well and be there to support her.”
  • “Her time at Triple Care Farm was the respite that we as a family needed. We got stronger and we started to like her again. We always loved her, but we didn’t like her.”
  • “Thank you to Triple Care Farm and to all of the staff. Your program was the answer for my daughter, without a doubt.”
  • “I feel like I’ve got my son back and he’s going to have a good, happy life.”
  • “It gave us the respite we really needed. We have two other children, and he was taking up all of our time. My wife had a breakdown…we didn’t get any breaks for a long time before the program.”