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Triple Care Farm

Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm is a youth drug and alcohol program offering withdrawal, rehabilitation and aftercare support to 16-24 year old Australians.

triple care farm building on rural property

Sir David Martin Foundation is the major funder of Mission Australia‘s Triple Care Farm, aiming to give vulnerable young people a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. Through Triple Care Farm and the individual’s commitment, young people’s lives are saved – moving from a high risk of suicide to hope for a brighter future.

Breaking the cycle of addiction

Triple Care Farm is youth-focused and helps young people to make long-term changes in their lives. The challenges of young people seeking support include:

  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Mental illness and risk of Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Unemployment
  • Family breakdown
young person smiling

Model of treatment

Triple Care Farm is holistic, innovative and evidence-based. Many young people have underlying mental illness and have not had the stability of a regular home.

The young person’s voluntary commitment to their treatment is vital.

The Withdrawal Program is for 2-4 weeks, Residential Rehabilitation Program is for 12 weeks, and all graduates receive up to 6 months of Aftercare to support them in the community.

inside the gym at triple care farm


On young people

(based on Withdrawal program, six months after graduating)

  • Lifesaving: Over 3,000 young people’s lives saved with zero suicide attempts
  • Safe housing: 100% in stable housing
  • Empowered to independence: 80% engaged in education and employment, and others actively seeking
  • Rebuilt self-esteem with 80% reduction in chronic drug and alcohol use

On society

  • Participation in the programs keep vulnerable young people out of hospital and jail
  • Every $1 donated by our supporters creates $3 worth of social impact

Josie takes back control

After fleeing home, Josie was sleeping rough for months. Living in such dangerous and vulnerable circumstances led her to becoming victim to sexual abuse and rape. She was ‘using’ whenever she could.

At Triple Care Farm, she began to recognise how the abuse she suffered was shaping her life and learnt how to take back control. Through the program Josie worked on her self-worth and confidence and found what made her strong and happy. She now lives in safe accommodation, is working and enjoying looking after herself and her adopted rescue dog.

Donate and help young, vulnerable Australians break the cycle of addiction and have hope for a brighter future.

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Josie, young Triple Care Farm student