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An exciting opportunity for Shyla

By October 18, 2018January 9th, 2020No Comments

Your support meant that Shyla was able to receive treatment at youth drug and alcohol rehablitation program, Triple Care Farm.

It’s never easy for a young person to put up their hand and ask for help with drug and alcohol addiction, but when they do – the chance for change steps in.

Shyla first applied to detox from drugs at youth detoxification program, David Martin Place. She was then able to transition into rehabiliation at Triple Care Farm to learn how to turn her life around long-term.

At the farm, Shyla enjoyed the opportunity to focus on her health and fitness and made use of the gym which is available to students during rehab.

After completing the program, she was given the chance to visit SDMF ambassador and professional boxer, Ben Savva at Boxing Works Australia gym in the city.

It was a special moment for Shyla to be able to train with Ben and also his partner, Vivian, who were both encouraging role models to spend time with.

Boxing Works Australia generously gave Shyla a gym memebrship to support her journey to a healther lifestyle – free from addiction.

It is wonderful to see young people gaining control of their life and pushing through difficult circumstances.

Your generosity makes this possible. Thank you.