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Talking about addiction can be really hard. But it's vital.

Two people sitting awkwardly on a couch. Text says 'Get comfortable with the uncomfortable'.

This Youth Week, April 11-21, it’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We’re asking people to put shame and blame aside and open up conversations about youth addiction.

The more we normalise talk about substance use, the easier it becomes for young people to get the support they need and deserve.

So let’s take a collective deep breath, get informed and plunge in.

We’re not promising these discussions will be 100% comfortable, but we guarantee they’re important. The truth is, they might change – or even save – a young person’s life.

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Why do we need to "get comfortable"?

By acknowledging how hard it is to talk about youth addiction, the ‘Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable’ campaign is designed to open the conversation and get young people, families and the community talking about substance use. 

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A guide to having uncomfortable conversations

Ready to get talking about addiction, but not sure where to start? Download this toolkit with easy and practical ways to open up a conversation. If you’re a young person who wants to reach out to a friend, colleague or family member, these down-to-earth tips will help you on your way.

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Youth addiction in Australia

Know the facts. Download this one-page fact sheet to get up-to-date information and statistics on youth addiction in this country.

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Our Campaign

Help us open up the conversation about youth addiction

The ‘Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable’ campaign recognises just how difficult it can be to talk about addiction – whether you’re a young person, or someone who cares about a young person.

By showing how awkward, embarrassing and stress-inducing these discussions can be, we’re acknowledging the hard truth, but inviting people to feel the discomfort and have the important discussion anyway.

Only when we get comfortable with the uncomfortable moments, and proceed with open hearts, can we help more young people get the support they need.

Share the campaign and amplify the conversation

To help open up the conversation even further this Youth Week, we invite you to share these tiles on your socials –  make sure you follow and tag @sirdavidmartinfoundation on Facebook and Instagram.

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Share your story

Our ‘Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable’ campaign is designed as a conversation starter to get more people talking openly about youth addiction. But conversations should never be one way! Do you have something to say? Email with your story, comment or even just a link to some useful content that you’d like to share. Don’t worry, any information you provide can remain completely confidential.

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Find help

If you or a young person in your life is experiencing problems with drug and alcohol it’s important to seek help. There’s a range of services available nationally to help you.