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Our story

Sir David Martin Foundation is a family foundation, created in 1990 to help young Australians in crisis.

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To give safety, hope and opportunity to vulnerable young Australians


To help young people in crisis by enabling best practice models of treatment for youth drug and alcohol addiction.


Respect, Compassion, Generosity, Impact, Celebration

Who we are

Sir David Martin Foundation is a family foundation, helping young people in crisis. We’ve raised over $70M since 1990 to enable best-practice models of treatment for youth drug and alcohol addiction.

Founded by Lady Martin, honouring the vision of her late husband, Former Governor Sir David Martin, for ‘safety, hope, and opportunity,’ we believe that young people have the capacity to make sustained, positive change, when given the appropriate support.

Lady Martin and the Martin family continue Sir David Martin’s legacy through the Foundation to this day.

What we do

Sir David Martin Foundation is the major funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm, a unique youth specific addiction treatment centre which gives Australians, aged 16-24, a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. Here, young people are given a personalised approach to help them on their recovery journey.

We support programs that offer a health and holistic approach to youth addiction. This includes  withdrawal, residential rehabilitation, and aftercare. These programs provide a safe place for young people to get well, prepare for new opportunities, and create a lasting change in their lives.

The Triple Care Farm model of treatment is based on harm minimisation and personalised care, where young people can address the issues that are impacting on their ability to live.

Treating addiction requires a national strategy to address the complex landscape of youth addiction and reach every young individual in need. The Foundation aims to collaborate and be a catalyst for change.

Together, with our partners, stakeholders, and the broader community, we aspire to build a brighter future for vulnerable young people, filled with safety, hope and opportunity.

Our Impact

For young people

  • 99% reduction in chronic substance use
  • 88% reduction in suicide attempts
  • 78% in stable housing
  • 78% engaged in education and employment
  • Over 3000 young lives saved

For society

  • Societal cost: every $1 invested in alcohol and drug treatment results in a $7 benefit to the Australian community.*
  • Treatment works: empowering vulnerable young people to find a healthy, productive life.
  • Breaks the cycle: participation in the programs keep vulnerable young people out of hospital and jail.

*Every $1 invested in alcohol and drug treatment results in a $7 benefit to the Australian community by improving health outcomes, reducing criminal behaviour and increasing psychological wellbeing and participation in the community. The improvements directly translate into savings achieved through a reduction of health care costs, less demand on the criminal justice system and gains in productivity.

Source: Sir David Martin Foundation 2020, Evolve 2020: Are we doing enough for young people with drug and alcohol addiction?, p. 23.

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Donate and help young, vulnerable Australians break the cycle of addiction and have hope for a brighter future.

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