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Congratulations Triple Care Farm

By April 29, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the team at  Triple Care Farm, who have received the Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA) Award for Excellence in Research and Evaluation for its Dialectical Behaviour Therapy program. This award recognises individuals or organisations that contribute to building the evidence base for practices to reduce alcohol and other drugs related harms.

Heartfelt congratulations to Gabriella Holmes and all the team at Triple Care Farm, including everyone that developed and evaluated the program, and those who facilitate it each day at Triple Care Farm.

You can read more about the NADA Awards and other 2021 winners and finalists here and learn more about Triple Care Farm’s DBT program at What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

About Triple Care Farm

Triple Care Farm is a youth drug and alcohol program offering withdrawal, rehabilitation and aftercare support to 16-24 year old Australians.

Located in the NSW Southern Highlands, Triple Care Farm offers holistic, innovative and evidence-based programs.

The Withdrawal Program is for 2-4 weeks, Residential Rehabilitation Program is for 12 weeks and all graduates receive up to 6 months of Aftercare to support them in the community. The young person’s voluntary commitment to their treatment is vital.

Sir David Martin Foundation is the major funder of Mission Australia‘s Triple Care Farm, aiming to give vulnerable young people a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. Through Triple Care Farm and the individual’s commitment, young people’s lives are saved – moving from a high risk of suicide to hope for a brighter future.

Read more about Applying to Triple Care Farm