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In this Impact Summer 2022 edition:

A fresh start for the Class of 2021

By Lady Martin OAM
At the recent 2021 Triple Care Farm virtual graduation ceremony, we celebrated the achievements of students who completed programs last year. These wonderful young people, who have already been through so much in their lives, truly committed to their studies and treatment programs. All amidst the stress and challenges of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

I know this hard work and perseverance will bring them success as they continue to grow and forge a new path, using the skills they have learned. Whilst graduation signifies the end of their time at Triple Care Farm, it is just the beginning of their exciting new life. A new life they have worked so hard to create!

We also acknowledge our graduates’ families and friends who have been by their side through the hard times and no doubt will continue to offer support and encouragement in the days and years ahead.

Whilst sadly we were unable to show our appreciation in person due to COVID restrictions, Mission Australia’s staff at Triple Care Farm assure me that the students felt our supporters’ encouragement and pride from afar.

My thanks to those who reached out to my family and Foundation staff  offering messages of support and congratulations. We love hearing from you and so appreciate your generous contribution to our Foundation’s work over so many years.

Thanks also to our partners at Mission Australia and the wonderful Triple Care Farm team.

As in past years, I was delighted to present Sir David Martin Foundation Scholarships to students who had demonstrated outstanding commitment to their programs. This year, we distributed a total of $10,000 in scholarship prizes to 15 selected students, to further their education, employment and community-based opportunities. I commend them all and look forward to seeing their progress.

Congratulations once again to the Class of 2021 – may your future be filled with health and happiness.

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“Triple Care Farm helped me find the light in some of my darkest times”

impact summer 2022

By 2021 Triple Care Farm graduate & Sir David Martin Scholarship recipient, Ali.

Life before Triple Care Farm felt like being on a roller coaster without a safety harness. Sometimes it was fun, but often I was scared of losing control and felt unable to control the ups and downs of living with what I now know was undiagnosed Bipolar Type 2.

Growing up and navigating the teen years was somewhat of a challenge for me. At 15 I was full of life, playing volleyball for NSW and had just been named in the Australian Women’s team. I had my whole life planned out and was keen to get started. But life happens and by 17 I was applying for my first stay at Triple Care Farm.

In the five years prior to Triple Care Farm I held down and lost multiple jobs, gained and lost close people in my life and used substances in all aspects of life to feel good, numb pain and honestly just to get by day-to-day.

Life throw curve balls in the weirdest ways and I turned to alcohol and substance use to numb everything that was as going on around me. I am 21, almost 22, and although it’s taken a few attempts and multiple failures along the way, Triple Care Farm has honestly helped me find the light in some of my darkest times of my life.

I can now honestly say I am looking forward to the future for the first time since I was 15.

The last few weeks before coming back to the farm were most challenging times of my life. I was about to be homeless, jobless and alone. The relief I felt getting the call saying they had a bed free [in the Withdrawal program at David Martin Place] was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I knew I was finally going to be safe, have food and have some space to really think about where my life was headed.

Without Triple Care Farm I have no doubt I would have ended up dead or in jail.

The program has helped me get through the worst time of my life and come through the other end with employment and a fresh start by the beach.

I now have my own little place on the NSW South Coast and have restarted my chef apprenticeship at a local catering company. The hardest part of Triple Care Farm honestly starts when you leave and put into practice all the skills learned.

Yes, there are still hard days, and yes, I still make mistakes. But I feel better equipped to deal with them now.

Special mention to the Education (Rehabilitation) program and Aftercare program. The Education program has taught me valuable skills such as budgeting and mathematics, which has helped me manage the money I am earning a lot better than before.

The Aftercare program made all of this possible. They drove me down the coast for house interviews and job interviews and I would like to say a massive thank you to the staff who helped me along my journey.

For me it took three times at the farm to get it right. But if I have one word of advice for anyone thinking of applying is that it’s OK to not be OK, and it’s OK to ask for help. Be proud of the small achievements you make in recovery and keep fighting for a better life. I’m glad I did!

 Name and image has been changed for privacy purposes.

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2020-21 Annual Report highlights

In November last year, we were pleased to share our 2020-21 Annual Report recapping an eventful year. The report revealed the enormous impact of your support on the lives of the young people who received care in the 2020 calendar year.

You can read the full Annual Report here. Some of the key highlights of the report include:

Triple Care Farm students in 2020

  • 114 participants in the Withdrawal program (36% moved into Residential Rehabilitation)
  • 61 participants in the Rehabilitation program
  • 165 participants in the Aftercare program

Impact on young people

  • Zero suicide attempts
  • 93% in safe housing
  • Almost 60% engaged in education and employment or actively seeking
  • 91% reduction in chronic drug and alcohol use
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Michael’s message of thanks


My name is Michael and I was a student of Triple Care Farm a number of years ago. I’d just like to say a big thank you to those of you who responded to my story recently, which was shared as part of Sir David Martin Foundation’s Christmas Appeal.

I am humbled by the encouraging comments and donations made.

I was lucky to get the right help when I needed it most. Who knows where I would be today without Triple Care Farm?

Life is amazing today. I am living in Newtown with my girlfriend and I enjoy student life at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Music has always been my passion and my dream is for people everywhere to hear it.

Thank you again for your support of young people who need a helping hand to overcome addiction. It is so important.

Thanks, Michael

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From our General Manager, Helen Connealy

There are exciting plans on the horizon for 2022. This includes new fundraising committees, possible trips to Triple Care Farm again and a fabulous repeat crowdfunding event, Connect for Youth at the Australian Securities Exchange on Thursday 7 April.  After the success of last year’s inaugural event, we cannot wait to see what magic we can create as a giving collective. You can register online here – I do hope you’ll join us!

As you read this Summer newsletter, the first intake of students will be arriving at Triple Care Farm in Robertson. Whilst there may be some cautious optimism in the air, these young people and their families, will also be experiencing fear, apprehension and possibly even desperation.

This may be a first attempt at seeking help, or the latest in many road stops to recovery. Their stories will be uniquely their own.

Amidst the uncertainty, there is hope and opportunity. Each student is welcomed through Triple Care Farm’s doors with care, clinical expertise and compassion. They will be guided by Mission Australia’s  dedicated multi disciplinary team who will strive to empower them with tools to build a better future.

Moreover, they will know that they have the support of our Foundation’s loyal supporters who believe that everyone deserves a life of safety, hope and opportunity. Here’s to new beginnings!

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Supporters rally for youth in crisis

Each year we are so thrilled to have supporters raising money for our Foundation through a range of exciting individual, community and workplace events.

So far this year we have individuals taking on the Cole Classic Ocean Swim in Manly (Feb 2022) and the Sydney Half Marathon (May 2022) and directing their fundraising dollars our way.

We were also so grateful to be an Australian recipient of the recent ICAP Charity Day – a worldwide phenomenon that has raised over £155million for charity globally. Thanks for your support ICAP Australia!

Would you like to help raise more funds for youth in crisis this year?

If you are planning on testing your limits in 2022 as part of a community event, such as a fun run, swim or cycling event, you can nominate Sir David Martin Foundation as your charity of choice at the time of registration. Or we can help you set up your own page through our community fundraising website and help you promote to your friends and family.

Get in touch with our team at or (02) 9219 2002 and we’ll help get you started.

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Listening to young voices

In 2021 Sir David Martin Foundation formed a Youth Advisory Group to ensure a strong youth voice guides and influences our ongoing efforts to help young people in crisis. As a Foundation focused on the health and wellbeing of young people, we want to ensure we listen and learn from young people, not just talk about them.

To date, the Youth Advisory Group has played a role in our inaugural Don’t Judge Me awareness campaign, and been involved in events such as the launch of Mission Australia’s 2021 Youth Survey.

In November 2021, founding Youth Advisory Group member Jasper Garay (Darkinjung/ Ngarigo) joined our online Donor Thank You event with many of our long-term supporters.

Jasper is a proud Darkinjung/Ngarigo man currently living on the Gadigal lands of the Eora Nation in Newtown, Sydney. He is also an Associate Lecturer at The University of Sydney in the Sydney School of Public Health Jasper lectures in the Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Health Promotion and Master of Public Health and Master of Global Health degrees. His research focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s social and emotional wellbeing, to include lived experiences and grass roots perspectives as evidence that informs meaningful and relevant reforms for our young peoples.

Jasper was also a finalist in the NSW Young Achiever Awards in 2021.

During the online event, Jasper delivered an Acknowledgment of Caring for Community, Country and Culture, also sharing some thoughts about the challenges and opportunities for young people during the pandemic.

“It’s been such a tough year for everybody due to COVID-19 and I think it has really impacted our young people as well. I hope we can continue in our own ways to take care of our own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of those around us.”

Despite the challenges of 2021, Jasper says there was also some positive spaces opening up in the area of youth wellbeing and mental health.

“Part of my role at the University of Sydney is doing research with younger people in NSW around mental health reforms and 2021 did offer us a few insights that are important to take forward into 2022.

“It’s been great reading the National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy. I think that’s probably our most advanced policy from the national level that really does show a good commitment and better understanding of the holistic needs of all young people across Australia in terms of how we can support their wellbeing.”

Jasper also highlighted the growing adoption of telehealth measures during the pandemic as a positive for young people, particularly for those who experience barriers to traditional face-to face health support.

“I think telehealth and telemedicine has been fantastic in terms of normalising this process and really extending the availability and accessibility of [health and wellbeing support] for many more of us living across Australia.

“COVID has taught us that we really need to understand and prioritise our health and wellbeing and check in on others. This is especially so for young people, whether they are in school, heading out of school or in the primary years.

“It’s been really important and great to see the collective recognition of the need to understand what young people need.”

We’d like to thank Jasper and the Youth Advisory Group for their insights and contribution.

Expressions of Interest 2022

In February 2022 we will be calling for Expressions of Interest for new members to join Sir David Martin Foundation’s Youth Advisory Group.

We will advertise this on our website and on social media. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Natalie Peck at or 0400 627 260.

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You're invited to Connect for Youth - 7th April 2022

Experience the magic of collective giving at Connect for Youth – Sir David Martin Foundation’s annual crowdfunding event on Thursday 7th April, powered by The Funding Network Australia. 

We are thrilled to announce that last year’s brilliant MC, ABC Broadcaster James Valentine, will be joining us again  – bringing all his warmth, wit and compassion to this exciting event.

During the event you’ll hear about the impact of Triple Care Farm’s youth treatment programs during three short ‘shark tank’ pitches, before being invited to make your pledge.

Together, through philanthropy we can create lifesaving change for young people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

We hope you will join us!

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