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Chloe: Celebrating one year without drugs

Chloe has come a long way since she first stepped foot into Triple Care Farm.

After Chloe graduated from Triple Care Farm residential rehab, she moved into the Aftercare program, returned home to live with her family and found a job at a café nearby.

Chloe attended all the fortnightly meetings with her aftercare worker, apart from those she had to re-schedule when she couldn’t swap shifts. She also found a counsellor and regularly attended support groups.

At Triple Care Farm Graduation, Chloe was awarded a Sir David Martin Foundation scholarship and used the funds to pay for a TAFE course to complete her year 11 and 12 studies. One day when she met with her aftercare worker, Chloe excitedly and proudly shared her TAFE exam results and the news that she was topping all her classes.

Recently celebrating one year ‘clean’ Chloe feels now that she can do “anything I put my mind to”. She feels better than she has in years and is “ready to do this on my own”.

*Name changed to protect privacy; stock image used.