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Georgia breaks the cycle

By August 18, 2023No Comments

Georgia* came to Triple Care Farm as a young person who had lost her direction due to substance misuse. However, she was determined to change her situation. During her time at the Farm, she focused not just on healing, but on connecting to her culture.

Young people can lose a lot in the grip of addiction, but Georgia knew she had one priceless asset: her voice. After her time at the Farm, she wanted to take the skills she learned and use her voice to help young Indigenous people break the cycle of incarceration.

Once she was ready to leave the Farm, Georgia and her Aftercare Worker Linda found a juvenile justice centre that focused on breaking the cycle of offending for Indigenous youth. After many attempts at calling and emailing to enquire about volunteer opportunities, with no answer, Linda and Georgia came up with a plan.

For their first face-to-face Aftercare appointment, Linda and Georgia went together and knocked on the door.

Linda says, “We walked into the office, and Georgia just started to shine. She asked all the right questions and advocated for herself so beautifully.

“She ended up speaking with the CEO of the organisation and was offered a casual position as an Aboriginal Program Facilitator, running the program in the juvenile justice centres.”

We are so proud of Georgia, for her resilience and tenacity, and the impact she is making – not just in her own recovery, but in the community.

*Name changed to protect privacy. Stock image used.