Impact stories

Read about some of the young people who have been helped through the treatment programs we support. Thanks to all those who have so generously shared their impact stories...

Matthew at Triple Care Farm rehabilitation

Out of trouble and into rehab

Matthew shines bright and is full of energy and optimism, making it hard to believe the road he has travelled, to be where he is now.


Five years down the track

Five years out of Triple Care Farm, Saige is happy and healthy – grateful for the opportunity she was given those years ago.

Elli feels purpose in life again

Elli, a Triple Care Farm graduate, recently conquered her fear of public speaking and shared her story in front of a bunch of strangers.

Dylan finds belonging and purpose

Dylan was 21 years old when he referred himself to Triple Care Farm rehab to address concerns of methamphetamine use and a history of misuse of marijuana and ecstasy.


Tammy’s story

Tammy was the first young person through David Martin Place – the new youth detox service. She shares about her experience.

From homelessness to University

Clair grew up in a family where everyone had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Josie, young Triple Care Farm student

Josie takes back control

As a child Josie* was subjected to physical and mental abuse from her mother – this trauma went on to play a significant part in her physical and mental health.

Second chances

Zoe* is grateful that she receieved a second chance at Triple Care Farm after relapsing.

I’m excited about my future

Henry was addicted to multiple drugs before he plucked up the courage to ask for help.

Thank you for accepting me

Before Caitlyn sought help, she had attempted to take her own life. Overwhelmed with thanks, she wrote this message.

I’m sick of my life pattern

Neil* was 17 years old when he came to Triple Care Farm. He was using cannabis and methamphetamine daily.

The right support at the right time

My dream is to join the air force but I need to sort my life out first.

You helped bring light back into Mia’s life

Before Mia* was abused at only 14 years old, she remembers a time that her life felt simple.

Bronte’s story

My early childhood years were picture perfect. I grew up in a lovely home and had support from my family and friends. Entering high school was when I first noticed my mental illness symptoms surfacing. I was struggling with being bullied and not feeling like I belonged anywhere.

Chloe celebrates one year ‘clean’

Chloe has come a long way since she first stepped foot into Triple Care Farm.

A new start for Dean

Dean arrived at the farm with only a small backpack of personal possessions.

I’m scared

Isabel* picked up the phone and called Sir David Martin Foundation in May this year.

Out of trouble and into rehab

Tyson* called Triple Care Farm and said “I’m desperate. I need help. I don’t want to go to jail.

Find help

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The Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 offers 24/7 free counselling and support for people at risk of suicide.

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