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Congratulations to Youth Ambassador Elli

By March 11, 2021April 19th, 2021No Comments

Finalist in this year's 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards - NSW/ACT

We are delighted to announce that our Foundation’s Youth Ambassador, Elli Reinhard is a finalist in this year’s 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards – NSW/ACT.

As a graduate of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm, Elli is passionate about raising awareness and understanding about the complex issues surrounding youth drug and alcohol addiction and youth mental health.

Elli is currently in her first year of studying Forensic Science at University. She also volunteers  as a Peer Educator, engaging with young people about alcohol and  drug minimisation strategies and raising awareness on their effects on mental health.

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Congratulations on your nomination Elli! Everyone at Sir David Martin Foundation is so proud of your  determination, courage and continued achievements.

Elli’s story

Elli, 22, has a wide smile that can light up a room… and a zest for learning that’s infectious. But behind that smile lies a steely determination that’s helped this young woman overcome adversity and set a new course for her life.

“I had a very troubled childhood  and I turned to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, I guess, to cope with the uncomfortable feelings I was experiencing,” said Elli.

“This escalated really quickly to the point where I had to make a choice about the trajectory I wanted my life to take… and for me… that choice was recovery!”

Elli has generously agreed to be our Youth Ambassador – sharing her experience and insights to help others.

After graduating from Triple Care Farm in 2018, Elli is now living independently and undertaking a Forensic Science degree at a Sydney university. She also has an interest in law – and hopes to one day embark on a career advocating for victims of crime.

Recovery journey

“I still consider myself to be in recovery,” said Elli.

“It’s a daily thing. I have professional help I can call on. But mostly I feel I have the tools and self-awareness to know when I need to check myself. When I feel myself struggling I have a few select family and friends I can talk to. But mostly I focus on exercise, eating well and things like journaling or art to stay on track.”

“For me structure and routine really help. Attending classes, studying and working out daily is really important and the prospect of going to university next year keeps me motivated and focussed.”

Elli says that part of recovery is making tough decisions.

“For example, I made a conscious decision to cut ties with many people I associated with before my recovery. And those conversations were very hard to have.”

“But the program teaches you about accountability and good choices – and that’s what’s working for me at the moment. I’m building a new life.”

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