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Youth Survey reveals top concerns for young people

By December 5, 2019March 25th, 2021No Comments

Mission Australia’s annual Youth Survey aims to find out young people’s values, aspirations and concerns.

More than 25,000 young people aged 15-19 years old completed the 2019 Youth Survey. The top three most important issues chosen by the young people are:

  1. Mental health (36%)
  2. The environment (34%)
  3. Equity and discrimination (25%)

While equity and discrimination is the third most important issue for females, alcohol and drugs is the third most important issue for males. Overall, alcohol and drugs came out as the fourth most important issue (21%) for young people in Australia today.

The top three issues identified by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are:

  1. Mental health (28.9%)
  2. Alcohol and drugs (28.1%)
  3. Equity and discrimination (24.3%)

Not only is mental health more of a concern for young people than ever in the history of the survey, the top four personal concerns raised also relate closely to mental health: coping with stress, school or study problems, mental health and body image.

This year’s survey reveals young people’s great concern for the environment, as well as unacceptable levels of bullying. Positively, the survey indicates around six in 10 young people feel very happy/happy overall with their lives.

Results are shared with governments, Non-Government Organisations, schools and social commentators in an effort to influence the development of policies, services and programs to benefit and support young Australians.

Sir David Martin Foundation is the major Philanthropic partner of Mission’s Australia’s Triple Care Farm.