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It’s time to Rethink Addiction

By April 5, 2021April 29th, 2021No Comments

Addiction is one of Australia’s most misunderstood health conditions.

Sir David Martin Foundation is proud to be affiliated with the Rethink Addiction campaign as a partner organisation to help change the conversation about addiction.

Rethink Addiction was established by Turning Point Addiction Treatment, Research and Education in 2020 and represents a coalition of like-minded organisations advocating for a change to Australia’s attitude and response to addiction.

The campaign strives to tackle the stigma and misinformation that stops people getting the help and support they need to recover and live free from addiction.

Changing the narrative on addiction

Sir David Martin General Manager Helen Connealy hopes the Rethink Addiction campaign will help change the narrative on addiction.

“There is so much stigma and misconception in the community about addiction, which is a very real barrier to many young people seeking treatment.

“Our Foundation is proud to be a partner organisation to the Rethink Addiction campaign and committed to de-stigmatise addiction in our community,” said Ms Connealy.

“Addiction is a health issue and we know that treatment works.

“Through the youth drug and alcohol programs our Foundation supports, we hear amazing stories of resilience and recovery every day. Sadly, due to the pervading stigma surrounding addiction, many people are still reluctant to hear these stories and have these discussions.

“Early access to best practice youth treatment services greatly improves the recovery prospects for young people. With the right support they can get well and build pathways to a healthy future.”

Get involved: 

Why not get involved in the Rethink Addiction campaign and help change the conversation about addiction in Australia?

Sign the petition supporting the Rethink Addiction campaign’s objectives to:

  1. Establish treating addiction as a national priority;
  2. Convene a summit for meaningful knowledge exchange between addiction experts;
  3. Draft a national plan and roadmap to address addiction; and
  4. Establish a dedicated addiction research fund  to improve treatment outcomes and service pathways.

You can learn more about the Rethink Addiction campaign at

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