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Report highlights the risk of suicide in young people

By October 10, 2019March 25th, 2021No Comments

Suicide Prevention Australia recently released a report called, Turning Points: Imagine a World Without Suicide.

Mental Health Month in October is a great opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly for young people.

report by Suicide Prevention Australia has come at a time where momentum in Australia is high for elevating suicide prevention as a priority for both government and the community.

Sadly, 1 in 2 young people are impacted by suicide by the time they turn 25. Over 10 million Australian adults are estimated to know someone who has died by suicide. This means that suicide personally touches half of the Australian population.

The report clearly states that young people who struggle with alcohol and drug problems are at greater risk of suicide than the general population. In 2017, 41.6% of deaths by suicide in the 25-44-year age group involved people with drug and alcohol use disorders and acute intoxication.

The more commonly recognised suicide risk continues to be mental illness; however, this report does address other life stressors that influence suicidal behaviour, emphasising that suicide prevention is complex.

Suicide is a major issue in Australia, affecting families, friends and the broader community. The report shows the immediate need for further investigation for better support and early intervention to help vulnerable people at risk of suicide, before they reach crisis point.

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