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New peer support worker helping young people through rehab

By July 12, 2019March 25th, 2021No Comments

Mental health peer workers are known to have a high impact on helping young people's recovery. Having lived experience gives hope to those in rehabilitation.

Earlier this year, Triple Care Farm employed its first Lived Experience Peer Support Worker to further help students to integrate into the program and get the best support possible. Jade graduated from Triple Care Farm programs last year and, having made a wonderful recovery, she is now able to bring her experience to other young people in the program.

Tell us about yourself

Music is my main interest and hobby; I’ve been a violinist for 14 years. I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar and singing. I dabble with a few different instruments. Writing songs and jamming with other musicians is a lot of fun. I’m into anything artistic really, I love self-expression and the different ways people go about doing it.

What impact did Triple Care Farm have on your life?

Triple Care Farm turned my life around. It pulled me off the path that I was on and showed me the path I needed to take. The program taught me the necessary tools I needed to function in society, and how to react appropriately when I’m confronted with challenging situations. I was stripped to absolute core with my addiction, at TCF I was given the chance to put myself back together again. I built myself up to be the person that I wanted to be.

How would you describe your new role at the farm?

My new role at Triple Care Farm Is a Lived Experience Peer Support Worker. I’ll be supporting students through their journey. I’ll be using my lived expertise to help the students, and provide hope that recovery is achievable. I’m about to begin studying for a Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Support.

How do you think your experience of having been through Triple Care Farm will impact your role?

Having completed the program myself, I feel that I have a special kind of insight. I can empathise with the students and understand where they’re coming from when they’re expressing their concerns. I know how challenging it can be and I’ve had to learn how to push through those difficult times. I hope to use these experiences to encourage students to keep trying.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst in this position?

The support I received while at Triple Care Farm helped me to understand myself and where I fit in this world. I took on the peer support role because I can use my experience of overcoming addiction and adversity to help someone overcome their own. Not only would it solidify my own recovery, but it would solidify theirs too. I hope to be a point of reference if a student is having doubts. Recovery isn’t always easy, I know that, but it is possible.

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