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Introducing Youth Recovery Month

By July 19, 2020August 10th, 2020No Comments

This September Sir David Martin Foundation will launch the inaugural Youth Recovery Month to create community awareness and greater understanding of the complexities faced by young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

We know that prevention and getting the right help early gives young people a much better chance of going on to lead a full and healthy life. Leaving judgement aside, the respectful promotion of this health and social problem will inform and educate the public and spread the word that investing in our youth is vital for our future.

During Youth Recovery Month we will:

Challenge views

Our new online fundraising campaign, Reset Challenge, seeks to challenge and broaden perceptions about youth recovery by highlighting the importance of forming new and sustainable behaviours. We know it takes 30 days to form a healthy habit. What part of YOUR life can you reset this September?

Inform and educate

The exclusive Understanding Youth Addiction online panel discussion, MC’ed by ABC Broadcaster Sophie Scott, will provide valuable insights on youth addiction and effective treatments, as well as explain risk factors, triggers, co-morbidity and the impact of mental illness on young people’s addictions. Register to attend here


The Foundation will bring together key players in the field of youth drug and alcohol treatment in a series of roundtables to discuss what more can be done to address the needs in our community.

Follow our Facebook page to find out more about these initiatives and how you can get involved in Youth Recovery Month this September.