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Embracing the Light

By June 10, 2021June 10th, 2022No Comments

Triple Care Farm graduate Lily* penned this moving poem about her recovery journey through addiction.

Cracks of light dance on the walls
The dots of chaos blurry;
Muddling the soul’s vision.

Hands sliced open,
Slipping on shards of glass
Invisible against the wooden boards
That bruised her knees.

Shattered and scratching,
She glances ahead
Notes the walls and door decorated with her pleads
In the form of bloody marks.

Shattered and scrambling
She glances beside herself,
To the walls closing in;
arms stretched to stop them;
cracked bones like fire dancing in her blood;
Bruises forming disguised as love.

Shattered and screaming
Crying for protection
She glanced down to her arms,
notes the toxins seeping into her veins.

Hushed and whispering, her whimpering is heard
Guiding fragments of her spirit
Through chaotic light shows;
Escaping through the cracks
Allowing themselves to engulf the room with light.

The dots more distinct now;
The edges forever fighting the darkness waiting for a slip,
For a break,
for a way in
Walls slowly crumbling;
Foundation remolding

Colours darting against the cracks flooded through the walls
Creating a cosmos of chaos
A blinding raw chaos.

Scratching, scrambling, screaming
Turns to
Breathing, walking;
Reaching the exit
finally recalling the secret whereabouts of the spare key.

Rays fall upon faded scars
Burnt from shooting stars,
The vicious lights darting around her cold room
The rays
Like warm hands guiding her to a personal garden of forgiveness
The real garden of Eden.

Rose tinted rays
Creating rose tinted memories
Engraved signature on her soul in a chaotic cosmos
Shattered and scrambling;
Turns to
Kindness and gratitude
She quickens her pace
Embracing the warm lights.

Lily’s story…

You can read more of Lily’s inspiration story of her time at Triple Care Farm and her journey to recovery as part of Sir David Martin Foundation’s 2021 Tax Appeal.

*Lily’s name and image have been changed to protect her privacy.

We thank her for allowing us to share her words and story.

Reach out for help

If you need urgent help right now, please call 000, or contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

For more information and support regarding youth addiction contact:

  • Family Drug Support resources for families living with addiction, including a 24/7 support line on 1300 368 186
  • Headspace for resources and support with mental health