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Connection: Walking together

By January 9, 2024January 24th, 2024No Comments

As part of the launch of the 2023 Annual Report, we were honoured to work with young artist, KC Rae. KC Rae is a Kamilaroi woman who created the artwork ‘Connection: Walking Together’ to reflect the values of the Foundation, particularly the idea of connection. This special artwork represents the journey of walking together and healing that young people embark on when recovering from addiction.

The artwork is the first Aboriginal artwork to be featured in our Annual Report, and we are so proud to showcase it.

The elements of ‘Connection: Walking Together’ connect and weave together to represent the many facets of the healing process. Each feature of the artwork holds meaning, reflecting a different step in the journey.

Watch KC Rae speaking about the artwork below.

A few of the elements in the artwork are:

  • Dark blue and orange circles, representing community and relationship building
  • Red and sky-blue linear elements, representing family and friends
  • Orange leaf-shaped elements, representing the process of pathfinding
  • Larger deep blue pieces with white dots and line work, representing reconnection and healing

KC Rae highlights the significance of family and friends on the path to healing. “There are quite a few elements representing the family and friends aspects as this is such a key element to reconnecting to our stories and journeys,” she says.

The idea of pathfinding is also central to the artwork. KC Rae describes pathfinding as “The different paths that we can choose throughout our life journey and how that impacts the directions that we take and the healing that we take.”

“The overarching story throughout this piece is a reminder that there is strength to be found in personal healing, as well as joint healing through community and family and friendship reconnection,” KC Rae says.

‘Connection: Walking Together’ is featured on the first page of the Foundation’s 2022-2023 Annual Report. We are so thankful to KC Rae for creating this beautiful, meaningful artwork. It embodies the values of Sir David Martin that guide the Foundation and it encapsulates the journey we support so many young people on.