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Impact Summer newsletter 2024: Connecting with our community

In this Impact Summer 2024 edition:

Celebrating Triple Care Farm and Walawaani Graduates of 2023

Lady Martin presents a Martin Foundation scholarship to a young person at the Triple Care Farm graduation ceremony

It was with immense pride that we came together on 14 December at Triple Care Farm for the 2023 graduation ceremony.

We celebrated the remarkable achievements of the young people who successfully completed the Withdrawal, Residential Rehabilitation and Aftercare programs at Triple Care Farm and the Residential Rehabilitation and Aftercare programs at Walawaani – Mission Australia’s new youth residential rehabilitation facility in Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW.

To add to the excitement of the day, Walawaani celebrated its very first graduates, marking a significant milestone since its opening in February 2023.

With the basketball shed filled with graduates, family, friends, staff and supporters, the atmosphere was uplifting. The day symbolised the resilience, strength, and transformative power of hope in the graduates’ recovery journey. Each student has exhibited commitment and courage, confronted many challenges, and acquired vital life and vocational skills for a fresh start.

Mission Australia CEO Sharon Callister praised the graduates for their hard work and perseverance, noting their newfound skills for a better life after completing the youth programs. She also acknowledged the fifth anniversary of David Martin Place Withdrawal Centre, celebrating the successful completion of the withdrawal program by 570 young individuals over five years.

Anna Beaumont, daughter of Sir David, attended the ceremony on her last day as the Foundation’s Philanthropy Manager. Anna expressed deep gratitude to the Foundation’s donors for their pivotal role in constructing David Martin Place and supporting youth programs that break the cycle of addiction.

Lady Martin personally presented the Lady Martin Scholarship to deserving individuals, supporting independent living and ongoing education post-rehab.

As we honoured these graduates, we witnessed the end of one chapter and the beginning of a hopeful narrative. Their triumphs inspire us to continue providing support for young people in crisis. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated supporters. Your contributions have helped transform these young lives and created hopeful opportunities.

Congratulations, graduates! Your resilience lights the way for others, and we anticipate the positive impact you will undoubtedly make in the world.

Sir David Martin Foundation thanks Mission Australia, our service partner for Triple Care Farm and the Youth Network Aftercare program. Mission Australia own and run Triple Care Farm. 

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Youth Workers receive special honour

Natasha Schuyt and Steve Matini at the Youth Action Awards

We had the privilege of cheering on two of our exceptional Aftercare Workers at Youth Action’s NSW Youth Work Awards 2023. The Awards are an annual celebration of the work of youth services and youth workers across NSW.

Natasha Schuyt is an Aftercare Worker at Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm and Walawaani, Batemans Bay. Natasha was nominated for the prestigious NSW Youth Worker of the Year Award. Shane Matini, Aftercare Worker at Mission Australia’s Mac River Centre, Dubbo, was recognised with a nomination for the NSW Emerging Youth Worker of the Year Award.

Both nominees bring exceptional expertise and passion to their work. Natasha plays a key role in facilitating regular visits from Centrelink and Service NSW to Walawaani, ensuring that young people receive the support and entitlements they deserve. Shane has a wealth of lived experience, having spent 13 years as a foster carer. He has also volunteered at an adult detox and rehabilitation centre in Brisbane, supporting individuals facing addiction challenges.

Natasha and Shane both work as part of the Youth Network: a network of Aftercare Workers across Australia. Within the Youth Network, Natasha and Shane ensure Aftercare is available to young people in more locations across Australia.

“The most fulfilling part of Aftercare is to see the physical and mental changes of the young person and the positive overall wellbeing and opportunities they engage with,” Natasha says.

We are so proud of the work Natasha and Shane do and were honoured to celebrate their achievements at the awards ceremony.

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A message from the Governor of New South Wales

Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley

We are honoured that our Patron, Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, the Governor of New South Wales, has shared this message of support to introduce Sir David Martin Foundation’s 2022-2023 Annual Report.

‘As Governor of New South Wales, Sir David Martin was deeply concerned about young people caught up in a spiral of drugs, alcohol, homelessness, and abuse, and advocated for their welfare. Since his passing and the establishment of the Foundation in 1990, more than $70 million has been raised to enable best practice treatment for youth drug and alcohol addiction, building a remarkable legacy of life changing and life-saving impact. 

In 2020, I was asked by the Foundation to launch Evolve 2020, a research report commissioned to study best practice treatment for young people who are using drugs and alcohol and identify areas of unmet need and demand in treatment and programs. The report gave clear recommendations which have informed the Foundation’s strategy in the years since, including the launch of Youth Network which focusses on aftercare to support young people after treatment and assist engagement with education, employment, and community. 

To understand the personal impact of the work of the Foundation, I’d encourage you to read the three personal stories that are included in this year’s annual report. One young person said of her time at Triple Care Farm: “It’s given me a chance at life that I never would have had otherwise, and it has truly changed the direction of my whole life.”

To Lady Martin, the Martin family, the Board of Governors, and staff and volunteers, past and present, I convey my heartfelt thanks to the Foundation’s partners, donors and supporters. Through your support we will continue to realise Sir David Martin’s vision of ‘providing safety, home and opportunity to all vulnerable young Australians.’

Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC

Governor of New South Wales

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Connection: Walking together

Blue, orange and red Aboriginal artwork

As part of the 2023 Annual Report, we were honoured to work with young artist Kc Rae. Kc Rae is a Kamilaroi woman who created the artwork ‘Connection: Walking Together’ to reflect the values of the Foundation, particularly the idea of connection. This special artwork represents the journey of walking together and healing that young people embark on when recovering from addiction.

The artwork is the first Aboriginal artwork to be featured in our Annual Report and we are so proud to showcase it.

The elements of ‘Connection: Walking Together’ connect and weave together to represent the many facets of the healing process. Each feature of the artwork holds meaning, reflecting a different step in the journey.

A few elements in the artwork are:

  • Dark blue and orange circles, representing community and relationship building
  • Red and sky-blue linear elements, representing family and friends
  • Orange leaf-shaped elements, representing the process of pathfinding
  • Larger deep blue pieces with white dots and line work, representing reconnection and healing

Kc Rae highlights the significance of family and friends on the path to healing.

“There are quite a few elements representing the family and friends aspect as this is such a key element to reconnecting to our stories and journeys,” she says.

The idea of pathfinding is also central to the artwork. She describes pathfinding as, “The different paths that we can choose throughout our life journey and how that impacts the directions that we take and the healing that we take.

“The overarching story throughout this piece is a reminder that there is strength to be found in personal healing, as well as joint healing through community and family and friendship connection.”

‘Connection: Walking Together’ is featured on the first page of the Foundation’s 2022-2023 Annual Report. The Annual Report has now been released and is available on our website at

We are so thankful to Kc Rae for creating this beautiful, meaningful artwork. It embodies the values of Sir David Martin that guide the Foundation and it encapsulates the journey we support so many young people on as they face challenges.

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Happy 2024. A new year brings a feeling of fresh beginnings, hope of new opportunities, and dusting off the challenges of the previous year. This is what we wish for the young people in crisis that we collectively aim to help.

The celebratory mood at Graduation at Triple Care Farm in December showed how if given the chance, young people can thrive and get better. After multiple disrupted years from COVID, it was obvious this group of collegiate and motivated young people were looking ahead. We only play a small role in their journey, but we know it’s a vital, life-saving one.

Walking together is our theme for this year – with our partners, the graduates, the wonderful Aftercare Workers and our amazing community of supporters. As a family foundation, we like to keep connected and I hope to hear from many of you in reaction to our newsletter (

Thanks to my dear retired colleague Anna Beaumont who is joining our Board. The Governors and I are currently working on our next five-year strategy, 2025-2030. We want to keep young people at the front of our work and we look forward to sharing more stories with you this year.

Thanks again for supporting and sharing our work.

Warm regards,


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Thank you Anna Beaumont

Anna Beaumont

After more than 12 years of dedicated service, Anna Beaumont (daughter of Sir David) retired at the end of December 2023 from her role as Philanthropy Manager.

Anna now joins the Board of Governors, continuing her contribution and representing Lady Martin. Like her father, she has worked with a culture of respect and compassion and has brought a unique blend of humility, strength, generosity and kindness to our working lives.

At her speech at Graduation Anna shared some life learnings with the graduates, passing on the strategies that have helped her through challenges.

First and foremost, Anna said, is to “Try really hard. If people see you trying, they will want to help you.”

She also spoke of the importance of integrity: making a commitment and sticking to it.

Finally, and most importantly, she said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way. No one can do it alone.” She emphasised that asking for help is not only courageous, but a necessary skill for us all.

We thank Anna for her commitment to our cause, welcome her to the Board and wish her a happy retirement to enjoy time with her family.

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An unforgettable night on the HMAS Supply II

A Naval officer and the Martin Family together on the HMAS Supply II

On the evening of 19 October, the Royal Motor Yacht Club and the Royal Australian Navy held a night to remember – a cocktail reception aboard the HMAS Supply II.

The atmosphere onboard the ship was joyful as committed members of the community came together to support young people in crisis. On the night there was an exciting auction and raffle which raised vital funds for the Foundation, which will help young people when they need it most.

This wonderful night was a continuation of our long-term partnership with the Royal Motor Yacht Club, whose longstanding support of young people is truly inspiring. We would like to thank them for their incredible generosity and commitment to making this evening so special.

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A safe place to grow

Young woman looks pensively at the camera

When Chantelle* realised her substance misuse was getting out of hand, she knew something needed to change. It was not easy to reach out, but thankfully, she had the courage to take the first step: admit she needed help.

Chantelle applied to the Triple Care Farm program and took part in the rehabilitation program at Walawaani in Batemans Bay. She knew that challenges lay ahead, but she was focused and committed to her recovery.

Walawaani is a Dhurga word meaning “safe journey”, and this is what the rehabilitation program was for Chantelle. Walawaani gave her a safe environment to heal and grow, surrounded by qualified staff members who could support her.

“I have learned so much from each and every person at Walawaani who were so supportive and encouraged me every day to find new things and explore new opportunities,” Chantelle says.

The facility at Walawaani opened in February 2023 based on the Triple Care Farm model. It aims to help young people aged 16-24 manage their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In a calm setting surrounded by bushland, over the course of 12 weeks young people receive medical care, counselling, psychoscocial skills and case management as well  as living skills and educational training.

While at Walawaani, Chantelle discovered a creative passion: the sewing program. She excelled in the program, making bags and purses. For Chantelle, this was not just a technical skill – sewing was an outlet that she knew she could rely on when she returned to the community.

“It is my safe place and a place for me to be creative and relax,” she says.

When Chantelle graduated from the rehabilitation program after three months, she said she could not believe what she had achieved. Today, she is proud of who she has become and is focused on her next steps.

Now that Chantelle has successfully finished the rehabilitation program, she has rejoined the community a healthier, happier and more peaceful version of herself. Not only is she in the process of recovering from addiction, but she has connected with a new skill and passion that brings her joy.

“It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it is mine, and I am determined to make the most of it,” she says. Whatever the future holds, she is ready for the next step in her journey.

*Name and image changed to protect privacy.

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Your generosity saves young lives. Thank you for giving to our appeal.

Mother hugs her smiling teenage son

Thanks for embracing the spirit of giving. We are filled with gratitude for all your support. Your generosity gives hope to young people like Daniel who are struggling with addiction, making the holiday season brighter for them and their loved ones.

Thanks to your compassion, we can extend a helping hand to even more youth in need. The money raised will be instrumental in funding youth programs that break the cycle of addiction, fostering healing and offering a lifeline to young people and their families navigating the challenges of addiction.

This holiday season, your generosity has helped rebuild lives. Families shattered by the impact of addiction are finding solace, support and the opportunity to reconnect.

As we express our heartfelt gratitude, we want you to know that your kindness is a driving force in our efforts. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of young people struggling with addiction, and for that, we are extremely thankful.

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Christmas cheer at Government House

Lady Martin at Government House

Lady Martin was invited to a Christmas celebration at NSW Government House last December. She attended with her daughter, Sandy Di Pietro.

The event was held by the Governor, her Excellency Margaret Beazley AC KC, and was a wonderful chance to embrace the holiday spirit. For Lady Martin and Sandy, it was also an opportunity to return to their old home and reflect on the time they spent there when Sir David Martin was Governor.

Sir David Martin served as Governor of New South Wales from 1989-1990, leaving the position due to his diagnosis with mesothelioma. The Foundation has stayed connected to Government House, honouring the memory of Sir David and his time as Governor.

At this year’s Government House celebration, Lady Martin and Sandy continued Sir David’s legacy by representing the Foundation, marking the year that had passed and looking forward to the next year.

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