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Tyson: Out of trouble and into rehab

Tyson* called the Triple Care Farm withdrawal unit and said “I’m desperate, I need help, I am in more trouble with the cops and I don’t want to go to jail.”

Tyson had previously attended TCF and had exited without completing the program.

Tyson is a 20-year-old young man who identifies as Aboriginal. Tyson reports a long history of alcohol abuse and family violence. Tyson had experienced extreme violence at the hands of his brother who also abuses alcohol. Tyson’s father is 40 years sober from alcohol and his mother is currently in rehab in Sydney for alcohol abuse. Tyson also uses benzodiazepine on a regular basis.

Tyson was embarrassed that he was back at the farm again, needing more help. He really wanted to get support to withdraw and then engage in a rehabilitation program. Tyson was interested in attending a residential rehabilitation program external to the farm.

Tyson met with the Psychologist/Case Manager and Aftercare Worker to plan his treatment after his withdrawal was complete, and where he would like to go. Tyson said that he needed to get away from his home as all his friends were there and still drinking and using other drugs (cannabis, methamphetamine and ‘benzos’) and being in familiar surrounding triggers his use.

Tyson completed several intake assessments for a number of residential rehabs away from his home. The waitlists were long and the earliest he would get admitted is eight weeks. The withdrawal program is a 28-day program and he didn’t want to return home during the wait time.

During the withdrawal program Tyson was supported by the medical staff to complete detox, he attended individual counselling, art therapy and attended the gym daily. Once medically cleared, Tyson was able to be supported in the Triple Care Farm residential rehabilitation program until a placement became available in the external rehabilitation program that Tyson wanted to transfer to. This ensured that Tyson was safe and continuously engaged in treatment.

Tyson is currently being supported through the community aftercare program.

*Name changed to protect privacy; stock image used.