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Tammy: The first young person at David Martin Place

Tammy* was the first young person through David Martin Place – the first youth detox facility of its kind in NSW. Here, she shares her experience.

My name is Tammy and I’m half way through the youth detox program at Triple Care Farm. It’s called David Martin Place and it opened in June 2017.

I’ve tried detox a few times already, mostly in the city and it was pretty strange to be out here in the country – it’s so quiet. But when I first got here I was pretty sick so I didn’t really take much notice. I was happy to have my own room and my own safe space. It makes me feel valued and secure.

I didn’t stay long at the last detox I went to – there were so many people coming and going and so many of them were older. That made me worry that I might never be able to get clean and just end up like those adult addicts. I didn’t feel like I belonged or that the other people understood me.

So here I am, feeling better, sleeping better, eating meals and getting to know some of the other young people here. The new building is so nice, it’s got places for you to relax and just chill out and I know that no-one’s going to steal my things, like in the other place.

One part I wasn’t expecting is the counselling and it’s made me start to think about the way my life was going with the drugs and that’s really the first time I have stopped to think there might be another way to live and cope with things. I can see that I’m pretty lucky to be here at Triple Care Farm and want to thank you and everyone else that makes it possible.

*Name changed to protect privacy; stock image used.