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Henry: "I'm excited about my future"

Henry* was addicted to multiple drugs before he plucked up the courage to ask for help.

Henry*, aged 21, attended Triple Care Farm’s (TCF) withdrawal unit, David Martin Place, in July 2018. After his treatment and after medical clearance was obtained, Henry transferred to TCF’s residential program for three months.

At the time of assessment, Henry reported that his main substance of concern was cannabis, although identified himself as a ‘poly substance user’ with a history of alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine use. He also reported concerns with his mental health (“Anxiety”, “Bipolar”, “ADHD” and “Paranoia”) and concerns with nicotine use. Henry stated that he wanted to “learn more about myself”, obtain accommodation and move away from his environment (due to triggers), obtain education goals and complete the program.

During his time in treatment, Henry worked on a range of interpersonal and mental health concerns. He attended bi-weekly counselling, and attended weekly Dialectical Behavioural Group Therapy (DBT) sessions, where he was able to learn and practice emotion regulation.

He worked alongside staff to complete all other components of the program, including; residential living skills, education (including Certificate II in Vocational Skills and Pathways), music and art, farming and landscaping, metal and woodwork and case management.

Henry completed the residential component of the program in October 2018, and transitioned into aftercare.

Upon reflection, he stated that one of his biggest achievements was “being clean and staying out of trouble”.

The day he left TCF, he transferred into his new accommodation place and began applying for jobs in his new area. He reports excitement towards his future, and sense of accomplishment having completed TCF, as in the past he identified having often set goals and being unable to fulfil them due to substance use.

*Name changed to protect privacy; stock image used.