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Help your child stay safe with drugs and alcohol

Help your child stay safe with drugs and alcohol

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Talking with your child about drugs and alcohol can be hard. But it's important.

Let's talk about drugs & alcohol conversation starter toolkit

Get expert tips on talking to your child about drugs and alcohol

With advice from expert Youth Workers, you'll get tips on how to set the stage, start a conversation and what to say next.

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What's in the toolkit

Ice breakers

Different ways to spark a meaningful dialogue

Helpful responses

What to say when your child shares their experiences

Tips to help them say 'NO'

Real life scenarios to practice with your child

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Feel empowered to have this important conversation

Help your child feel safe and in control

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Who is the toolkit for?

This guide is for every parent or anyone who cares for a young person. It’s never too early or too late to talk with a young person you love about drugs and alcohol.

This toolkit is suited to parents and carers of:

  • Children 8-12: get prepared and learn the facts
  • Teenagers 13-15: this is a crucial time to create a safe space for dialogue
  • Young adults 16-21: help them make sense of their experiences and stay safe

Get the facts

two bandaids crossed over one another
of 14-19 year olds drink at levels that risk harm, accident or injury.
of 16 and 17 year olds have tried at least one type of illegal substance.
three person icons
is the average age that young people first drink alcohol

Talking with your child is one of the best ways to protect them from a bad experience.

Who are we?

Sir David Martin Foundation funds holistic treatment programs focused on youth addiction. To date, we have helped more than 3,000 young people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Thanks to our generous donors, we help young people break the cycle of addiction, reconnect with loved ones and move forward with hope for the future. The programs we fund reduce chronic substance misuse, decrease suicide attempts and engage young people in education and employment.

Our experts see the impact that drug and alcohol misuse can have on young people and their families. That's why talking to your child about their experiences with drugs and alcohol is so important.

Give your child the confidence to make informed decisions about drugs and alcohol.

Download your free Conversation Starter Toolkit

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