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We need your help to rescue Hannah from a life of addiction

With a monthly donation, you can help a young person battling addiction and help save a family from breaking down.

Drugs are every parent’s worst nightmare

What happens when your child is hurting – and you don’t know how to help?

This was Jenny’s* story. Her daughter Hannah* suffered from severe depression and a dangerous reliance on alcohol and drugs.

“I felt helpless. Our relationship was fragile, and I was really scared I would lose her.” ˗ Jenny

For Hannah, self-medicating numbed her pain. For Jenny, it was a living nightmare.

Young people in crisis don’t need your judgement or your pity. They need your compassion.

They need expert care and a safe space to rebuild their lives.

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Help save a young person’s life with a regular donation

We have already helped over 3000 vulnerable young Australians, with:

  • Zero suicide attempts

  • 100% in housing

  • 80% engaged in education and employment (pre COVID).

But it costs thousands of dollars to care for each young person. This includes a residential stay of up to 16 weeks and 6 months of care in the community.

We rely on generous donors who believe children confronted with addiction, trauma and mental health struggles deserve a second chance.

A monthly donation is the best way to help keep these vital programs operating.

Our mission is to help young Australians battling addiction

We fund life-changing services:

Rehabilitation programs

Designed specifically for young people to feel safe and supported so they can recover.

Dedicated youth workers

To support each young person to stay on track when they complete their treatment and return to their normal lives.

We need your ongoing support to help young people escape a life of addiction.

Please make a monthly donation to help turn a young person’s life around.

The painful truth is

is the leading cause of death for young Australians

of the young people who need our help with addiction live with a mental illness, often undiagnosed.

of Australians requesting help for drug and alcohol addiction are under 30

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About us

Sir David Martin Foundation is a 30-year old family foundation, helping young people in crisis. The Foundation is named after the former Governor of NSW and the Martin family continues to drive the vision of Sir David, to give safety, hope and opportunity to all vulnerable young Australians. We are the major funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm, a unique, holistic treatment centre which each year gives over 200 vulnerable young Australians, aged 16-24, a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities.


*Names and images changed to protect privacy