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Linda's Story

Linda is an experienced Community Worker who has been working in Aftercare at Triple Care Farm for 18 years. She has the privilege of working with graduate students, like Koda and Michael supporting them in any way they need. 

Before starting at Triple Care Farm, Linda  had family members who struggled with addiction and helped them through their journey to recovery. This sparked her passion to become a community worker.  The joy from helping others was an irreplaceable feeling for her and knew she must pursue her new career.   Linda started her vital work as an Aftercare worker. This included assisting with big and small changes students would face after reaching their final stages of recovery. The Aftercare program is a vital stage for many young people working towards going back into the community and thriving in a fast-paced society.  

Linda has worked with many young people like this, where students are in a dark place they fear they will never get out of.  This is where community workers like Linda come in.  

Sometimes it’s enough for a young person to just know one person believes in them for change to happen.

Before students leave the Farm, people like Linda help them put a strong plan in place that will help them achieve their goals. This allows students to understand their potential and help them realise that recovery is realistic despite the battles they may have to overcome. Every day is different, some days they help students attend appointments, complete documentation, participate in education, and sometimes assist with everyday things like buying groceries.  

Most of all, Linda is there to be a sounding board, emotional support and someone to talk to in this important period between the security of the farm and the wider community.  Its the everyday tasks like these that ease young people back into society and give them a better chance for change.  

A young person at the farm helps decorate the training shed.

Often community perception is, if somebody is using drugs, they won’t be able to contribute to society, but that is just not true. The amount of talent, strength and achievements I have seen from the young people I have worked with over my 18 years here is incredible"

Linda, Triple Care Farm

Society does not hold the same expectation for other illnesses, where there is a stepped approach to recovery, adapting to the needs of the patient over time.  Triple Care Farm is there for every young person like Koda, who need critical support to move forward in their life. 

Linda has dedicated the last 18 years of her career into helping these students and is constantly in awe of the profound impact Triple Care Farm has on students. Linda has worked so closely with students and developed a bond that allows young people to be vulnerable with her. She hopes to see the programs and students create sustainable change and to spread awareness on the realities of substance abuse and eventually diminish stigma attached to it.   

To support the incredible work of people like Linda and ensure that more young people have a chance to change, please donate generously today to the Youth Addiction Christmas Appeal.