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Addiction doesn't want to give them the chance to change.

But you can.


For many young people, Christmas may be a very difficult time. Managing family expectations, avoiding triggers, and trying to stay off the streets.

That’s why we have launched our very first Youth Addiction Christmas Appeal.

The inaugural appeal calls for you and our generous community of supporters to give young people the opportunity to change, a chance for a different future and for the vital treatment they deserve.

Koda's Story

Triple Care Farm Graduate
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Linda's Story

Aftercare Worker
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Michael's Story

Triple Care Farm Graduate
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A gift today could mean a world of difference for the future of a young person. The impact of your generosity today, means young people have a chance at:

  • Engagement in education and employment
  • 80% reduction in chronic substance use
  • A significant reduction in suicide and loss of life

And most of all, they have the chance at a brighter future.

Give a gift that could save a life this Christmas

Thanks to our generous partner