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Help a young person make

their way home this Christmas


Susan's story

Daniel’s family had always been there for him as he pursued his dreams. Then drug addiction shattered his loving relationships and left him lost and far from home. 


Daniel* is a young man who is deeply loved by his family. When Daniel was 13, his parents became very worried for him.  

“Daniel had become argumentative, aggressive and deceitful,” says his mother, Susan*. “He was spending all his time with a new group of friends, who he refused to let us meet.” 

Susan had no idea Daniel was struggling with severe depression. What’s more, he was experimenting with drugs and alcohol with his new friends. He later told Susan the drugs eased the pain of depression and brought him peace. 

By the time Daniel was 15, things were much worse. He got expelled from school for his drug use.

“Daniel left home for good that day,” says Susan. “Our lives would never be the same.”

After leaving home, Daniel’s drug use escalated, and he resorted to stealing to support his addiction. His family, heartbroken and feeling helpless, had to cut him off. 

Right now there are young people in our community struggling with addiction. Many are being torn away from their families and this Christmas will be extremely difficult. 

Your donation is life-changing for a young person and their family, who just want their child back, safe and well, with them at home. 

Woman in her car looking downcast, her head in her hands

Daniel’s descent into drug-induced psychosis and two suicide attempts marked a turning point. His family had exhausted every avenue for help, until a social worker connected them with Triple Care Farm.

Thanks to generous donations from people like you, Daniel found a place in the Residential Rehabilitation program. 

With time, Daniel began to embrace the opportunities at Triple Care Farm and reconnect with his family. He completed the Withdrawal and Rehabilitation programs, gained valuable life skills, and focused on improving his physical health.

Daniel recently graduated from the program and is now working and studying, preparing to spend Christmas at home for the first time in five years. 

Your donation will help more young people like Daniel break free from addiction and make their way home this Christmas.

Daniel's story

“When I felt lonely and depressed, drugs were like a shield,” Daniel says. “They gave me something to hide behind.” 

By using drugs, Daniel thought he’d found the solution to intense pain. “The first time I used drugs was with my mates,” he says. “I could forget about my problems. It felt calm and safe.” 

Instead, addiction left Daniel feeling more and more powerless. His health deteriorated and he fell deeper into depression. In one of his darkest moments, he found himself in a drug-induced psychosis.

“I tried to take my own life, twice,” he says.  

Last Christmas Daniel was wandering the streets. “I felt so alone as I tried to take my mind off things,” he says. This is the heartbreaking reality of drug addiction – it tears families apart when they need each other most. 

Feeling depressed and alone, Daniel was caught in a destructive cycle. “Pretty soon I started using when I was on my own, and when I was with my mates. After a while I needed more and different drugs to feel calm and safe like I use to,” he explains.

With Christmas so close, please make a donation to support a young person like Daniel. You’ll be helping them to recover and reconnect with their loved ones. 

A young man stands and stares directly at the camera, arms folded

Matt, the Residential Program Manager at Triple Care Farm is part of the dedicated and compassionate team helping young people make lasting change. 

He explains what makes the program so effective is that it’s tailored to each young person. “Can you imagine the lives lost without this program?” he says. “It gives young people like Daniel the unique care and guidance they need. We are helping them move forward in life.” 

Thanks to amazing people like you, there was finally hope. Daniel could access the Residential Rehabilitation program at Triple Care Farm. Daniel was scared – but he knew this was the best opportunity to overcome addiction and make his way home. 

Daniel is no longer alone, facing a bleak future. He has made his way home, and his family can now support his ongoing recovery every step of the way.

“My mum is so proud of me for going to Triple Care Farm and getting well. I’m so grateful I was given this opportunity and I’m looking forward to Christmas at home with my family this year.”

Your donation will help more young people like Daniel break free from addiction and make their way home this Christmas.


*Names have been changed and stock images used to protect privacy.