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A night of joy and generosity

The Funding Network

Generosity took centre stage recently as we hosted our inaugural live crowdfunding event, powered by The Funding Network Australia at the ASX in Sydney.

There was laughter, tears and an outpouring of generosity from our guests, both in the room and online. It was such a positive and “feel-good” event, which truly highlighted the impact of the youth drug and alcohol programs we support at Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm.

An incredible $165,300 was raised on the night for young people in crisis. Many additional pledges are still rolling as the warm afterglow of giving continues.

The true stars of the evening were presenters Deb Moxey (Program Manager, David Martin Place), Tamara Smedley (Education Trainer, Rehabilitation program) and the remarkable Elli Reinhard – who captivated the room with her personal journey and experience in Aftercare. All expertly guided by our MC and pledge wrangler, ABC Broadcaster James Valentine.

In wrapping up the evening, Board Chair Will Martin thanked all who had contributed to the success of the event.

“Please don’t for a moment underestimate the power and impact of every single dollar you have donated here tonight.

“We know from research we did about five years ago that for every dollar donated to Triple Care Farm, the community, society, Australia, gets $2.90 dollars back, as a benefit.

“And this comes from the first, second, third and fourth order effects of keeping young people out of hospital, keeping young people out of prison and, dare I say it, keeping young people out of the morgue.

“So the impact that your dollars have is extraordinary, so don’t underestimate that. We thank you very much.”

Special thanks to our Major Partners Investa and NextGen.Net, our venue hosts ASX and event partners Plantaganet Wines, Moët Hennessy Australia, Brick Lane Brewery and long-term supporter Lindt.

Watch Event replay

The video replay gives you a front seat view of the event – including the individual presentations for the Withdrawal, Rehabilitation and Aftercare programs. Watch the event below

A word from Lady Martin...

Impact Winter 2021

One of the absolute highlights of the evening was an impromptu speech by Lady Martin OAM – the heart and soul of our Foundation. She shared her thanks to those present, and extended gratitude to all who have provided
support over the past 30 years. Here’s what she had to say…

“While I’m here, I would just like to thank you all for attending tonight, showing your support.

Since 1990 we have raised so much money for kids and children in need.  Sent them on the road to success, got them off the road of failure.

Triple Care Farm has been a great success. You have all been contributors to their success.

We are delighted to know that so many children and kids in need have been sent on the road to success, and a new life ahead of them. We’ve kept in touch with so many of them, and they made the most of the advantage presented to them.

It’s all because of your generosity and care, and love for the young people growing up in Australia. So thank you, I’m very emotional.”

Supporter survey results are in

Thank you to all those who participated in our Supporter Survey earlier this year. This provided valuable insight into the fundamental reasons why you choose to give to Sir David Martin Foundation. As promised, we’d like to share some of the results with you.

It is heart-warming to see that 80% of survey respondents believe our holistic treatment approach is very important in caring for young people with drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness.

We were encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive comments we received, including feedback about regularity of communication and administrative processes.

This endorses our funding focus on enabling young people with the best practice models for treatment and providing them with the skills and training they need to thrive in society.

More often than not, young people’s addiction issues are rooted in trauma and mental illness, and the survey responses highlight that your beliefs align with our Foundation’s core proposition that all young people deserve access to physical and mental health support.

Through your continual support of Triple Care Farm we have given many young people a safe place where they can heal and recover.

Results from the survey demonstrated that over 87% of people believe it is important to support youth in crisis and that they deserve a second chance.

It is through your support and generosity that we are able to offer young people this second chance to break the cycle of addiction and build healthy lives. Thank you – we couldn’t do it without you!

From our General Manager, Helen Connealy

The end of the financial year is always a hectic period within the charity sector, and this year was no exception! For our Foundation, 30% of our donations arrive in the last month of the financial year, as people spread gifts across those in need.

Personally, the frenetic adrenaline of the EOFY countdown is something I embrace. Not in the least because it gives me (alongside Philanthropy Manager Anna Beaumont) the very humbling and heart-warming task of thanking so many generous people.

At Sir David Martin Foundation we’re lucky to have some of the most loyal and engaged donors I’ve witnessed in the not-for-profit sector.

There is truly a sense of solidarity, as we work together all year round with a clear and common purpose to help young people in crisis to get their lives back on track.

This year, we’ve also warmly welcomed new contributors to our cause, by way of initiatives such as our recent successful crowdfunding event.

The evening saw generosity in all forms.

From young people practicing philanthropy for the first time to large gifts from new donors just starting their journey with our Foundation. We plan to hold similar events in the future to engage even more people.

At a time when the world can feel troubled, these displays of humanity, generosity and genuine compassion for young people are priceless.

Winter Appeal thank you!

help lily

Thank you to all those who have so generously supported our recent Winter Appeal, featuring Lily’s story.

It was so brave of Lily to tell her story of addiction and mental illness for this appeal – especially when there is still so much stigma and judgement in our society. Our most sincere thanks to Lily and her mum Jean for sharing so honestly.

Lily’s journey of recovery – along with those of the more than 200 young people who stay at Triple Care Farm every year – is only possible with the support of our donors.

In sharing the success of the appeal results with Lily, she replied with the following…

“I am absolutely in awe! I can’t believe so many people donated in response to my story. Thank you so much again for giving me the opportunity to share my story and experiences, along with mum’s too.

It was such a positive experience. We still can’t believe our stories have made such an impact. We’re both really touched by how generous the donors have been.” email from Triple Care Farm Graduate, Lily.

Les loses his locks

Impact Winter 2021 Les

Every so often an individual astounds us with their personal drive to help others. Les Goodridge is one of those people!

A retired Royal Australian Navy Officer and Vice Commodore of RAN Sailing Association (RANSA) Les is lopping off his lengthy locks to help both young people in crisis and those battling cancer.

After growing his hair for nearly three years, Les has committed to the chop in July, with his hair going to a cancer charity for a new wig.

Many of Les’ friends and RANSA members are now offering encouragement by way of donations to Sir David Martin Foundation via Les’ fundraising page at Take a look and follow Les’ progress.

Les has an additional affiliation with our Foundation, having served under the then Commodore David Martin on the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne in 1979.

Thank you Les – we value your ongoing friendship and support!

Welcome to our new Board Members

We recently welcomed two new members of Sir David Martin Foundation Board of Governors.

Peter Evans is a long-time supporter of our Foundation. He is Deputy Chairman of Ramsay Health Care and a Founding Board member of the Paul Ramsay Foundation – a pioneer in Australian philanthropy.

Saskia Lo brings strengths in strategic marketing and business development, cultivated over a 25-year career, most recently as Strategic Director at The Zoo Republic. Saskia recently played a pivotal role in our inaugural crowdfunding event.

Both Peter and Saskia bring incredible skill and knowledge to the Board and we are so grateful they have joined us.

Anything is possible for Lachie

Impact Winter 2021 Lachie

Sixteen-year-old Lachie* is unwaveringly polite and engaging as we sit together outside David Martin Place at Triple Care Farm. Self-consciously apologising for the occasional swear word that drops into the conversation, he is chatty and keen to share.

Lachie is particularly upbeat on the day we meet, having just received clearance from the withdrawal clinical team to move down to “Resi Rehab”.

He is joining two other students who are also transferring to the Rehabilitation program that day – so there is a sense of change in the air.

Lachie, who is a Wiradyuri teen from Central West NSW, has been in the Withdrawal program for 7 days – but says it feels like longer.

“I was pretty scared and sick the first night and didn’t come out of my room. Now I feel different, healthy! I can’t remember when I was last clean for this long.”

“It’s good here. I’ve never really had my own room before. There’s lots of good food – I was even allowed to cook! There’s so much space and people who really want to help you. I haven’t felt that for a while…”

Lachie came to Triple Care Farm after his arrest during a violent altercation at home with his father, while under the influence of drugs.

Lachie still holds lingering sadness and regret about the circumstances that brought him to the program, but concedes that maybe “it’s all worked out for the best”.

Maybe Triple Care Farm will be his turning point?

“I started smoking ‘yarndi’ (marijuana) when I was 11. Things were really bad at home,” said Lachie.

Marijuana soon turned into alcohol and prescription drugs, whatever was available.

By the age of 14 Lachie had already attempted suicide twice – something he says is not uncommon amongst his friendship group back home.

“Everything was just so bad… things with my Dad, school, the people I was hanging out with…”

With the support of his extended family, Lachie was back attending high school and trying to stay sober, when tragedy struck.

“My Aunty – who I was really close to – took her own life. She was hurting really badly with depression…” he says, his voice drifting off sadly.

This loss and grief was the catalyst for Lachie’s dramatically escalating drug use leading up to his arrest.

He says detoxing at the farm has given him time and space to think, with staff encouraging him to express his grief in his own time.

Lachie even had an opportunity to plant a special tree on the grounds in memory of his Aunty, which he proudly points out to me in the distance.

As another young student comes past and starts working in the veggie garden, Lachie calls out “I’m talking about my Aunty’s tree”.

She responds enthusiastically “That’s so awesome” and says she too wants to plant a tree for someone in her life, “maybe next week”.

Although not sure how long he’ll be in the residential Rehabilitation program, Lachie says he’s starting to feel optimistic about the future.

He’s particularly looking forward to talking to his Grandma because “she’s worried about me”.

“I want to finish school and I’m even thinking about joining the military. I want to travel and have a good life – and make my Grandma proud. I feel like maybe I’ll be able to do that now… stay off the drugs and maybe even help other people, like I’ve been helped here.

“Anything’s possible now, eh?”

We wish Lachie all the best in his recovery journey and thank him for sharing his story during our recent visit to Triple Care Farm.

If this story raises any concerns for you or a loved one please call Lifeline for 24/7 crisis support on 13 11 14 or seek help from a medical professional.

*Lachie’s name and photo have been changed to protect his privacy.

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